Life Before The Day

Pregame Intro

As far as you’re concerned, not too much has changed in the last sixty seven days. The rest of the world would beg to differ with you, but that’s their problem. However sixty seven days of hedonism doesn’t come cheap and making a few thousand dollars in a night sounded like a dream come true.

Someone found an ad online for a sleep study. It’s odd, you haven’t seen one of these in more than a month. You thought people had given up. Regardless, $1000 per person for one night of laying in a bed? Game on. It was easy to talk your friends into it, they wanted the money as much as you did.

The four of you pile into a car and take the short trip. Arriving at the nearby university, you make your way to the Science Technology and Engineering building. You walk into a door labeled sleep studies and see a waiting room full of people, with several open chairs. A receptionist sits at a desk with a small stack of papers in front of her. She looks up at you and motions you over. “Fill these out please” she mumbles before quickly returing to her own paperwork.

You fill out your papers, listing your name, before taking a seat.

A loudspeaker makes an announcement soon after. “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming today. As I am all sure you’re aware, it has been sixty seven days since what has come to be called Waking Day. Since that time, mankind has been unable to sleep. Shockingly he has subsequently come to no longer need rest, allowing for near limitless amounts of waking energy. The mental stresses however are responsible for the growing crime and suicide rates plaguing the world. Yet, I have found a way to sleep. You want to know my secret? Wait for your number.”

The room is awash in murmurs and whispers. Finally, your group is called and you file into a small room. A man is sleeping peacefully on a bed in the center. 4 more beds lay in the corners of the room with various mechanical equipment around them.

The group decided to take The Professor up on his offer to try a new medicine that allows them to sleep, drinking their vials and laying in their beds.


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